Leo at Work in His Studio.
The creative process is very labor intensive. It can take a minimum of 3 days just to assemble the pieces. But first you have to find them. That alone could take a full day at an auction or junk yard to find a specific number of drill bits. Engines are taken apart just for the unique pieces hidden in them. Hours are spent removing dust, oil, cleaning and polishing, cutting, welding found objects. Most machine parts are hard to find.

The acutal sculpting and design process is dirty, noisy and dangerous. The materials are heavy enough to smash a finger, foot or worse. Leo Razzi’s tools are powerful, treacherous and toxic. A clutter of machinery and parts, a variety of saws, large saws, plasma cutters that generate an arch hotter than the sun! Gas tanks, the hum of electricity, a collection of welding torches and gas cutting equipment. A forklift. a lathe, a snarl of ceiling cranes.

Zildjian. Attention all Drummers and Musicians.
The Grape Street Rock Club in Manayunk commissioned Leo to create atmosphere for the rock band stage area. Leo and club owner, Joe Cahill, got from Zildjian the latest titanium cymbals not yet released to the market, to incorporate into the railing design.

Note the drumstick railings Leo sculpted and welded. And the 50lb bass guitar fret boards he also welded out of rack gears.

Leo welded the shavings from the drumstick pieces into a music staff depicting the opening notes of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.

   Zildjian Website

Visionary Fusion Glass Works. Unique Designs in Glass.

Visionary Fusion Glass WorksA collaborative project between Leo Razzi and Mitch Finkelstein of Visionary Fusion Glass Works has resulted in a unique explosion of creativity, combining the talents of renowned metal and glass artists around a common design. This is one example of their unique collaboration. If you have a special project in mind, from glass panels used in commercial businesses to customer designed mobiles that hang in private homes, to railings (pictured here), we provide solutions to your needs.

To learn more about Visionary Fusion Glass Works, please visit their website.

Visionary Fusion Glass Works website



Visionary Fusion Glass Works - Mitch's Rail



Just about everyone today knows of someone who has dyslexia or has heard of it before. It is a language-based learning disability which can affect 15 to 20% of the general population. Historically, three quarters of children who are poor readers in the third grade remain poor readers until the ninth grade. It used to be that nobody knew exactly what dyslexia was or what caused it. Teachers had to rely on their hunches as to what worked best. Now, brain scans or brain-imaging shows which parts of the brain are activated as children read. Early identification - at kindergarten or earlier- followed by intensive instruction can lift many at risk children into the ranks of fluent readers.

Leo struggled in elementary school with severe dyslexia during a time where few if any resources were available to him. Little was known or understood about this disability. It wasn’t diagnosed formally until high school. Letters, words, and sentences continue to be severely scrambled to this day for Leo with no cure in sight. From this disability grew his passion to construct, and assemble the unusual into functional art.

Many people compensate for dyslexia by developing exceptional skills in engineering or other fields. Dyslexic people think in pictures. It’s hard for them to understand letters, numbers, symbols and written words. They tend to be very visual, multi-dimensional thinkers who are highly creative and intuitive and excel at hands on learning.

   The International Dyslexia Association

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